Driving to work this morning, I was listening to the DJs ranting on the merits of Merry Christmas versus Happy Holidays.  Made me think.

How PC do we WANT to become?  I mean, think about it.  Are we so afraid of offending another person that we no longer want to express any feelings or thoughts at all?  What happened to the simple joy of sharing a greeting and the MEANING behind a particular greeting?

I had the thought of going around and just saying “Happy”.  Nothing else, just happy.  No Holidays, no Christmas, no Kwanza, no Hanukkah, no Yule, no nothing.  Simply “Happy”.  Wonder how long I will get away with that before somebody is offended because they are perpetually sad and they feel they are getting shafted because I run around saying “Happy”.  Or get locked up somewhere because someone reported the crazy lady on the street corner.

No one should have the right to be hurtful and harmful with their words.  But, equally so, each person should be able to speak of things that are meaningful to them. 

‘Lighten’ Up People!!  ’tis not the season to be PC.  ’tis the season to express our love.

Have a cool Yule y’all!!