I have two walk in closets full of craft and art items.  Chock full.  I like to tell my daughter that when I am dead and gone she will make a mint throwing an arts and craft sale on the front sidewalk.  She tells me that when I die nothing leaves the house.  Everything will be left as is.  A shrine to me.  I like that.  But, that’s another story.


I have a strong need to create.  Drawing, painting, writing, designing, you name it.  My early years were spent creating the more traditional things.  As time went on, and I got older, I became less afraid to experiment and learn new things.

Its been a tradition for over 25 years now that my Christmas gifts to family and close friends be handmade.  What started this tradition was having absolutely no money to buy gifts.  I was a single mom with a daughter to raise, and barely enough money to pay the bills and feed us.  No money for extras that’s for sure.  That first handmade Christmas was fabric covered boxes using cardboard and pieces of scrap fabric, beads, and glue.  Fast forward to this year, I learned how to make Venetian Masks, and I created dolls for my grandchildren with nursery rhyme themes, hand-stitched clothing, and vintage ceramic bisque animal doll kits. Image

I believe we release a hidden part of us in each of our creations, and the final product says just as much about the creator as it does about the item itself.