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The new year has started and already I feel a difference.  Just something about it.   I woke up feeling happier and a bit more fulfilled.  Went shopping on New Year’s Day, got a new printer that will be better suited to producing digital artwork, and have ordered a table top studio for taking pictures of items I will have for sale in my Etsy store (http://www.etsy.com/shop/twistedpixelstudio).

There’s a saying in our family that whatever you are doing at the stroke of 12 AM on Jan 1 is what you will be doing year round.  To stack the deck more in my favor with the hope that I will continue to nurture the creativity in me, I spent New Year’s Eve creating new prototypes for blank greeting cards.  Here are two so far:

Made using prints of my digital art.  These were prints that did not quite turn out as good as I thought they should be.  I couldn’t just trash them.  Hey, its my art, my baby!  Shamelessly vain, that’s me!  So, I decided to try a technique I  have used to make paper quilts and started cutting and punching the prints, and then weaving the strips together and adding punched embellishments.  Not to shabby, me thinks.  There are more in the works.