can get in the way of doing what you love the most.  There is a certain fulfillment of being able to do the things you love all the time.  Playing with the grandkids, talking and laughing with my daughter, putting together an art piece that speaks to you in a way nothing ever has and then release that into the world.

There also comes with that responsibility.  Of knowing how to balance all of it.  Even if I were lucky enough to be able to create all day long I would have to set limits upon myself and be diligent in what I do.  Otherwise, the house would fall to rot, my grandkids would never know me, and I would never hear another laugh peal out from my daughter’s lips.

I guess the message here is do what you love as much as you can and don’t forget about the other important things in life.  It just makes the ability to do what you love all the more richer.