Teamwork.  Team work.  Which version would you use?  I have seen it written both ways, but the proper and correct way to write the term is “teamwork”.  If I did not know any better, I would have chosen the correct way.  Because it just looks right.

Teamwork makes me think of people working together, to achieve a dream or a goal.  Team work conjures visions of people on a team running in different directions.  Maybe they have the same goal, maybe not.

I remember sitting with my granddaughter working on a craft.  It was one of those melt the beads things where you put the beads on a pattern and then baked it.  The beads would melt together and form picture.  As we were putting the beads on the pattern together, she spoke quietly.  “We are doing teamwork, granny.”  She was in either in first grade or kindergarden.  I asked her what she thought that meant and she explained that it was us doing something together to make something pretty, or words to that effect.  I was excited that she was so young and knew the word.  I was more excited that she grasped the concept.

Teamwork is not always something done in an office or a group.  Teamwork can be answering a total stranger’s question, the idea here is that the stranger has a goal and you are assisting the stranger reach that goal.

Teamwork is allowing others to guide you and assist you when you don’t have all the answers you need to reach your goal.

Teamwork is also giving credit where credit is due when you finally reach that goal because someone else took the time help you reach that goal.

Are you seeing the pattern here?  The human race is a team, we are all team members, and when we assist one, we in effect, assist all.

Teamwork.  One word.  One team.  Us.