Ghostly by Debbi Decker 2012 Halloween

Its Coming.  Halloween.  The most wonderful day of the year.  The time of year we put out the jack o lanterns, touch up the tombstones, and deck the halls with boughs of… cobwebs.  Shall we light a candle and tell a spooky story?

Anyone who knows me knows that its always Halloween in my house.  The outside of my home remains mostly generic, with a hint here and there of what is to come.  But once you step in the door, things change.  Think of a coffin in the dining room, or perhaps ashes of old lovers in a jar on the fireplace hearth.  Are you scared yet?

Mind you, its not all dark and dreary and creepy (although I do think the place is haunted).  There are many elements of Halloween that can be used all year long.  I have costumed dolls and miniature monsters scattered throughout the house.

ImageA side table hosts a grouping of birdhouses and small crosses that resemble the raised tombs in the New Orleans Cemeteries. Its subtle, and every now and again, people do remark upon the similarity.


Haunted Mansion by Debbi Decker

A picture hung on the wall all year long can be the basis of a spooky story that you tell the children by candlelight on Halloween night. Don’t be surprised if this becomes a family tradition.  Gather ’round kiddies, have I ever told you about Mad Aunt Katherine?


Casket Girl by Debbi Decker 2012 Halloween

Display a piece of art that embraces a particular tale or myth that speaks to you.  Perhaps like me you enjoy those old Hollywood horror movies about monsters, werewolves, and vampires.  Or you collect books about the legends and myths of a particular location. The Casket Girls of New Orleans is one of my personal favorites.

I did mention the coffin in my dining room, didn’t I?


The pictures shown above of the Haunted Mansion, Casket Girls, and Ghostly can all be found for sale in my shop on Etsy.  Clicking on those pictures will take you directly to those listings.

Happy Halloween!!