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Its a tough job.  Being an evangelist.

No really, it is.  I have struggled with this post for days.  Because I have so much to say about the newest social media website called WhosIn.com.

David Kanel, CEO and co-founder of WhosIn, puts it this way. “WhosIn.com is a website that organizes the social web into channels in order to help people more easily and efficiently discover interesting things based on their personal interests or those of other people without having to search by keywords.”  Or, as he posts on his Twitter profile, “a social discovery search engine with a twist”.  Now, I have to say, I do like this quote!

So what DOES WhosIn do?  It takes each and every Twitter tweet with a hashtag and organizes those hashtags by subject.  It then streams all of that information into a format not unlike a TV channel and puts the channels on the website.  What’s a hashtag?  Its those words you see in a tweet that have # in front of them.  Things like #etsy, #handmade, #photography, #nyse, #fashion, just to name a few.  Any word can be made into a hashtag really.

Just for grins and giggles, click this link to The Debbi Decker Channel.  Pretty awesome, eh?  That, my friend, is the power of WhosIn.

David tells me that he used to get frustrated looking at pictures on social media sites such as Facebook, and not being able to post the emotions that he was feeling.  He does not see himself as a person who creates content, and also feels that most people who use the internet don’t create content either.  He says “A lot of people don’t have anything to say or broadcast on twitter or YouTube, but everybody has emotion when they see something.  So we thought, let’s make something that will let people express that with just a click.  And we wanted this to be so simple that even a grandma in her 90s could do it.  We got the inspiration from how TV works. Things come to you, you subscribe or program your channel, and you are all set.  All you do is consume the content and then gossip about it”.

The possibilities are mind boggling.  At least to me.  The simplicity of it all juxtaposed against the power behind the concept.

So, what was David’s inspiration?  It began with a love story really.  He said “Since my early days of internet use, I have always been fascinated by the power of internet to bring people together; I actually created a website to connect classmates and make friends with other school students back in 2000. I had a crush on a girl in a neighboring school and I thought this would be a great tool to know her better. Hahaha.  Well, this was in Nepal. There were barely any teenage internet users there at that time. Talk about being at the wrong place at the right time.”

Enter 2012, and here we are. Artic Startup posted a very interesting article in May,  as did CNN iReport in June.

So, how does WhosIn benefit YOU?  Interested in a particular subject?  You can subscribe to a channel that features that subject.  No channel for that subject?  Create one.  Like someone’s post?  Comment and/or use the emote buttons.  And if you do that, your comment and/or emotion is then automatically re-tweeted back out into the Twitterverse.  AND, the original Tweeter is alerted by e-mail that you have done so.  Pretty cool, huh?  But it doesn’t end there.

WhosIn is a powerful promotion tool.  As a business owner, I can harness the power of WhosIn, and see tweets on trending products and what’s being said.  I can use it to promote my own artistic creations, the products I like, and the people I know.  I can tell others that I see them and like what I see.  I can start a dialog, make friends, and follow people of interest to me.

As a news junkie, WhosIn feeds my addiction.  Lets say, I am driving along, singing to the car radio when suddenly there is breaking news!  Anji just left Brad!  My phone battery is dead and I am in the middle of nowhere with no internet access.  OMG, I am missing important news!!!!  Well, once I get back to civilization, I can fire up my laptop, go to WhosIn.com, type in the hashtag “branjolina” (or whatever the heck people call them) and bam!  I have news, videos, blog posts, pictures, all in one place on one screen, and in a very engaging format.  Think about that power.  Its a social encyclopedia right at your fingertips. And you get this information pretty much real time.

Presently, WhosIn just harnesses data from Twitter, but that will change.  WhosIn.com is not static.  Its a very fluid platform and easily adaptable to include just about any social site out there.  When asked about his vision is for the future of WhosIn.com, David believes that “the future of the web is autonomous search, social and personalized media, and we are very excited to be part of it.

I am excited to be a part of it too.

But right now, I need get back to spreading the Gospel Of WhosIn.com.  One small tweet at a time.