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Sometimes you need a little extra help.  You cannot always do it alone.  And when the time comes that you do ask, people rally.  They take time out of their busy lives to assist you.  For the most part, a heartfelt “thank you” is all you need to say to show your appreciation. People do not expect much.  The pleasure of acknowledgement and their response of “you are welcome” is happily felt and given.

Then there are the times when you want to give back a little more than simple thanks.  I recently asked several people to assist me with a project, answering a 10-question survey.  Sounds simple enough, but in reality the answers required some thought and comment.  These people came through for me.  And I wanted to give them the kudos for doing so.  What better way than to tell the world about them and their wonderful shops?

So, without further ado, introducing (in aphabetical order by shop name):


Dani’s shop banner says “Little Things…Happy Thoughts” and it always makes me smile when I read that.  Her friendship bracelets are beautiful, dainty, and sure to be a hit.  I should know.  I have one and the compliments keep on coming!  Check out her rings too!  Some fine bling there.


Claudia travels the world and is a great photographer.  She offers the larger size prints, perfect for that spot over the fireplace or over the sofa.  I have to say that of all of her fabulous work, this one draws me.  I actually stare at this and created stories in my head.  Pssst…. its on sale too!  But not for long…


A storyteller and blogger, IntricateKnot tells you to “embrace your weirdness”.  I’m all for that! She makes the gloomiest cards to express the very sentiment! This one is a personal favorite.  She also creates decorative trinket boxes featuring Day of the Dead motifs.  Fun Halloween decor!


Janis embraces many elements in her shop, vintage, Halloween and Steampunk to name just a few. Her unique combination of elements are sure to get you noticed!  Need a cute Halloween pendant?  She’s got it.  And, you have got to check out this Steampunk purse!


Now, Karen has a different view. Her ability to look at and isolate the detail in a graphic pattern allows her to create some very lovely pendants!  From vintage style, old world, classic to hip, she has it all and her pendants are the perfect starter jewelry for those tween and teen girls!  And, it goes without saying that the big girls love them too! Be sure to check out her magnets as well!


So, you got a new e-reader. Need a case?  Esra’s your girl.  She creates both crochet and knitted items, and loves to experiment with new ideas and patterns.  I think this cover is adorable and the perfect accessory for those fashionistas!  It doesn’t stop there though.  Her shop is full of wonderful items and you should check them all out.


Lu’s art is intriguing. She doodles (her words!) and then she turns those doodles into colorful eye-catching art.  From sketchbooks to handmade journals to notebooks to wall art with embroidered detail, there is something for everyone and always fun.  Have a look at this castle!


Annie loves to knit and crochet using vegetable and animal fibers.  Her creations look so soft and snuggly.  She once said that she loved working with Noro yarn the best.  I love her use of muted colors, although she has quite a few vividly worked item as well!  And she has lately ventured into the world of knitted silk scarves.  Check out the wilder side of silk. Rawr!


Angelique’s shop is full of vintage-inspired Halloween items.  I love browsing her shop and smile at the memories her creations bring back of bygone Halloween days. She creates exquisite fairy dolls, and her latest Halloween witch fairy is incredible!  Be sure to check out the Costume Finery section too!  Renaissance wedding anyone?


Kathleen feeds my love for vintage and shamelessness.  I love looking around her shop to see her latest mid-century finds. And, as she puts it, she does not “sell knock off crap”.  And when she is not out searching for  your latest gotta-have-it, she can be found Sundays tweeting her heart out and teaching the art of shamelessness!  I’m loving this little rooster!

My thanks and eternal gratitude to each and every one of you!!! Smooches!